Procedures of high quality, health & safety standards


Production procedures are designed with high respect to the environment and our workforce.

To bring to the surface, bottle and store the table spring water “Mersini” we adopt a methodology based on the most modern technology available, best industrial practices and at the same time comply fully with all relevant Local and European legislation. Furthermore, all our procedures have been developed taking into consideration the protection of the environment in the surrounding area.

All the above have enabled us to offer consumers a product meeting high quality, hygiene and safety standards.

Last, but not least, our products reach the consumer fresh as the lead time between production and sale is minimal.



The production procedure can be summarized as follows:

  • Cleaning and sanitation of the Equipment using CIP (cleaning in place) procedure in order to eliminate any microbiologial risks.
  • Cleaning and Sanitation of the 20 litre Returnable Bottles in the fully automated washer just before the bottle is filled in order to eliminate any microbiological risks.
  • Sanitation of the single use Bottles and Caps. All the single use bottles (5 & 10 litre) are sterilized using ozonized water and all the caps using UV technology.
  • Filtering of the Water in four stages using polishing filters with progressively smaller porous diameter. This ensures the elimination of particles which are larger than 1 μm (one millionth of a metre!) and hence, the water is fully transparent.
  • Product Bottling.

    Water bottling is performed using two, state-of-the-art, bottling lines:

    -For 20 L returnable plastic bottle
    -For 10 L and 5 L single use plastic bottles

  • All single use Pet bottles for 10 L and 5L are produced as soon as they are produced

    -Using blow molding technology with clean air
    -Under sterilizing conditions
    -Without any intermediate storage

AquaNova: Water Bottler & Water Distributor in Cyprus